Spellchecker Multilingual
Spellchecker Multilingual
     Spellchecker Multilingual

App Description

✔ The complete spelling solution. Avoid embarrassment in Email, Twitter, Facebook etc.
✔ In ALL the languages you need to write in —from the makers of "American Heritage" & "Oxford Deluxe" apps.
✔ Never make an embarrassing boo-boo ever again. Whether for business communication or schoolwork, English or other languages, "Spellchecker" has 'got your back'.

— the only as-you-type, multilingual spelling text editor in the iTunes AppStore!
— and the only text editor with brand-name dictionary lookup.


✔ on-the-fly spell checking (manual mode, too)
✔ capitalization, punctuation & "fat-finger" checking
✔ colored text feedback
✔ clipboard import / export
✔ fast App switching (multitasking) support
✔ "Retina Display" support
✔ iPhone5 and iPod 4inch support
✔ import "Contacts" words into user dictionary
✔ auto-saving to protect your long text messages
✔ wide keyboard (landscape) mode
✔ multilingual spell-checking dictionaries
✔ English language thesaurus -lets you improve your writing
✔ type and send directly Email, SMS or Facebook, Twitter, etc.
✔ completely offline -no online lookup!

Main Features:

✓ The only as-you-type spelling app in AppStore
✓ Select from US, Canadian, Australian, British & global English
  —also many other languages. See the list below.
✓ Check meanings with iOS dictionary or brand-name dictionaries'
✓ Checks capitalisation and duplicate words
✓ Marks commonly mistyped (but correctly spelt) words
✓ Flags possible grammar mistake
✓ Ground-up, propriety text editor
✓ Highly optimized look-and-feel
✓ type messages for Email, blogs, SMS or Twitter
✓ Horizontal mode support
✓ double tap for paste mode
✓ Session-wide 'ignore' -with forget
✓ User dictionary training or bulk register word lists
✓ Support for "TextExpander"
✓ Session-based spell checks for third-party apps
✓ Correctly ignores scripts that can't be checked
  —like Japanese, emoji or other Unicode characters

Supported Languages:

English (US)
English (UK)
English (Canada)
English (Australia)
Français (French)
Deutsch (German)
Italiano (Italian)
Español (Spanish)
Català (Catalan)
Nederlands (Dutch)
Português (Portuguese)
Bahasa Malaysia
Bahasa Indonesian
Русский (Russian)
Suomi (Finnish)
Ελληνικά (Greek)
Polski (Polish)
Svenska (Swedish)
Eesti Keel (Estonian)
Latviešu Caloda (Latvian)
Lietuvių Kalba (Lithuanian)
Lingua Latīna (Latin)
Русский (Russian)
Українська (Ukrainian)
Ελληνικά (Greek)
Hrvatski jezik (Croatian)
Čeština (Czech)
Magyar Nyelv (Hungarian)
Македонски Јазик (Macedonian)
Polski (Polish)
Română (Romanian)
Српски (Serbian)
Slovenský Jazyk (Slovak)
Slovenski Jezik (Slovenian)
Türkçe (Turkish)
Gaeilge (Irish)
Bahasa Malaysia
Bahasa Indonesian
Tagalog (Filipino)
Việt ngữ (Vietnamese)
● Each language other than English is added via a free dictionary download.


↩ Look up definition of spelling suggestions in the iOS dictionary or brand-name titles —including "LDOCE" & "Oxford Deluxe". (sold separately -but totally optional)
↩ Look up synonyms with the build-in English Thesaurus.


Support inside the app for:
● Email
● Facebook
● Twitter™
● Evernote®
● Tumblr
● Delicious
● Instapaper
● Pinboard
● "Google Reader"
● "Read It Later"

Apps that we export to:
Tweetie (Twitter)
Echofon (Twitterfon)
Appigo's "Notebook"
Appigo's "ToDo"

Print via "Print Magic"

Support for "TextExpander" snippets as well.


⇄ "SpellChecker" is the only spelling solution on the iPhone that allows access FROM third-party apps. This means your favorite app can link to "SpellChecker" to run spell checks right inside your work flow. (Much better than copy/paste!)
The API is free!

App Screen Shots

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App Changes

April 16, 2013 Price Decrease: $4.99 -> $1.99
April 11, 2013 New version 1.0.1
April 05, 2013 Price Decrease: $4.99 -> $0.99
April 03, 2013 Initial Release
Publisher: English Channel, Inc.