Ear Monsters: A 3D Audio Game
Ear Monsters: A 3D Audio Game
     Ear Monsters: A 3D Audio Game


Destroy monsters you can hear, but can't see!

-- "something totally different resulting in challenging, addictive, bite-size fun." -- TUAW

-- "This is definitely in the top three of the best audio games I've ever seen"

-- "It's one of the best games for the blind this year, because it has strategy, shooting at stuff and monsters. What more do you want?"

-- "So far the best [audio] game of 2013!"

Monsters from a parallel dimension have created wormholes to invade our universe. They quickly become invisible in our world-- but they don't realize we can still hear them.

Your Mission: Kill as many monsters as you can, as fast as you can, as you hear them arrive in our dimension....

Ear Monsters is a fast paced 3D audio action game that requires a keen ear and quick reflexes. With its rapid action and unique gameplay, Ear Monsters brings arcade style gaming and tempo to an audio only experience. Smack down monsters, defuse ticking time-bombs, and utilize overhead air support with 3D sound effects so realistic you’ll look up to see what’s flying over your head.

Ear Monsters uses an advanced binaural HRTF 3D sound engine created by QSound Labs, the company that created Virtual Haircut, the most listened to 3D audio on the internet.

Although not specifically designed as a game for the blind, Ear Monsters makes extensive use of VoiceOver and is fully accessible for visually impaired gamers.

•Timed gameplay for quick arcade-style action
•Simple to understand and play …yet difficult to master —no elaborate training needed
•Difficulty increases as your skill improves!
•Practice arena to sharpen your ear
•Multiple audio backgrounds, from city ambience to a windy day to a full on storm
•Visual and aural feedback
•Stunningly vivid 3D audio effects
•Unlockable 3D Sound Gallery features all original 3D sound effects

Ear Monsters is the product of EarGames™, a company dedicated to bring sound-centric games to life, founded by one of the most experienced names in game audio.

Optimized for iPhone 5
Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

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Requires headphones

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Publisher: Ear Games