GAA-Go™ - "An Official GAA Application" is the ultimate Estimator for the All-Ireland Senior Hurling and Football Championships. Under Licensed of the GAA and with their kind cooperation, we were able to produce a compelling application that contains, photo, video, and rich content for viewing and sharing. Within GAA-Go is an interactive experience that will allow you to engage with the GAA Season and Matches in a new and exciting way.

This is the Fantasy GAA Sport Game. Make your own "Clashes of the Titans"! Match Kilkenny against Galway again in 2013. Who would you choose? See the result of all the matches on the "Wall of Fame" and compare your predictions against our Computer, all our users, and of course the Reality.

We will give you the results of all the games, as they happen and update the Reality. We can all try and predict a winner, as does our computer, but in the end it is the results that count. You can share your predictions with other GAA Sport fans and friends and see whom they favour.

We will alert you to coming matches of your Team and the results of Matches and become an essential aid in following the All-Ireland. The Provincial Championships are all there, with the Qualifiers so that you can trace your team from the beginning and see how you go. Draws both real and simulated have a great effect on the final result so try various combinations.

Do you want to have your photo in the "Expert's Corner"? Do you want to be "Expert of the Week" or "Expert of the Month"? Are you up for the challenge? If you are up for it, share your expertise of the GAA, your stories, about your Club, about the All-Ireland, about the GAA Sport in General or anything GAA related. In the end the Users will vote to keep you there for the week, the month, or as a permanent contributor along with our resident Experts. We all want to hear about what is happening in different corners of the world of GAA Sport, so please do have a go.

You can enter Polls, Quizzes, and customise your GAA-Go by choosing your own team.
Every Club has a pool for the All-Ireland and this is the estimator to use when you want to see how the matches play out. You can simulate the Draws and match team against team, until you have the Winner of the All-Ireland Finals.

Your scores are saved in iCloud and you can use the application on your Phone and iPad so that you can keep in touch while on the run. It works with AirPrint and with Apple TV giving you the best experience ever. You can watch the videos in the application on your wide screen, your iPhone or your iPad.

We are never finished with GAA-Go and will greatly appreciate your suggestions and feedback so that we can make it even more compelling and useful.

If you have an interest in GAA Sports, this is the application for you to share your interest with your Friends, Family, and Children or just to relax and enough the full GAA Experience.

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