Invaders from Antarctica – try this Duck Hunt retro shooter game
Invaders from Antarctica – try this Duck Hunt retro shooter game
     Invaders from Antarctica – try this Duck Hunt retro shooter game

Invaders from Antarctica is a frenetic, action-packed shooting game that might remind retro-gamers of the classic Duck Hunt genre of titles. The game is quite simple to play, offers weapon upgrades and plenty of levels to work through. Graphics are simple but crisp and gameplay is far more addictive than what you might think. The game is also free and a real ‘blast’ so it’s definitely worth a try, especially if you like old-school gameplay.

Price: Free

Tested on: Nexus 4
Content Rating: Everyone Android Game Review:

Pros & Cons:


  • Action-packed gameplay!
  • Weapon upgrades as you progress!
  • International leaderboard!
  • Rewarding and satisfying!


  • Might be repetitive for some gamers.
  • Zero tutorial (you have to work it out yourself, though it is simple).


Invaders from Antarctica is a fun little indie-game that’s also pretty good at killing time. It’s much like the classic game Duck Hunt where you blast air-borne targets from the ground as they fly above. Simply tap on the target to automatically shoot. You begin with a simple two shot gun and, as you progress through the levels, move onto guns with more ammo.

The controls are simple, but you have no tutorial whatsoever in the game, so read below or check out the guide in the game’s Google Play Store description. Essentially:

  • Tap to shoot
  • Tilt to move (although there’s not too much point doing this)
  • Tap the weapon to re-load
  • (It is advertised that you can shake your device to reload, but for me this didn’t work)

In the game you tackle a number of invading forces as they fly above. It’s very fast paced but there are a number of different foes to shoot down. If you take out a flying saucer, you can collect certain bonus items such as infinite ammo (for a short period). Much of this happens very fast but if one of the hostiles shoots you, you lose 100 points. Points are awarded for shooting down baddies and being as accurate as you can. You can additionally lose points by shooting non-hostile creatures such as livestock.

This all makes for great casual gameplay, but it does feel somewhat repetitive after a while. If you prefer more complex gameplay this might be a little too simplistic. For short-term blissful blasting it’s great, but for longer-term engagement, possibly not.

Publisher: MgrMobi