Robird – fast & new Holo styled Twitter client for Android
Robird – fast & new Holo styled Twitter client for Android
     Robird – fast & new Holo styled Twitter client for Android

Robird is a Twitter client that looks & behaves like it was designed by Google as it followers their ‘Holo’ design principles and damn fast! With a large number of Twitter apps in Google Play, why should you pay a few bucks for this one? Let’s find out in the review!

Price: $1.99

Tested on: Samsung Galaxy S4
Content Rating: Low Maturity Android App Review:

Pros & Cons:


  • Fast!
  • Really clean & minimalist design!
  • Has most of Twitter’s features!


  • Noticeable delay on list of mentions… read more below.
  • Missing some features.


Robird is extremely fast, it’s clean, and it’s a smooth new Twitter app in the sea of them. Most notably it will oft be compared to Falcon. Operating every part from navigation to sending a tweet, from push notifications to Twitpic uploads… are blazing fast! Getting started with the app is easy, just like all 3rd party Twitter clients, when you first start the app you will have to log into Twitter and give the app permission to your settings.

With the app you can of course send a tweet (I was concerned about no URL shortener but it has TweetLonger to get away with sneaking more text into the timeline), @ reply to someone, direct messaging, upload & display photos in the timeline as well as in a slick gallery, plus other features such as search. I just noticed it’s missing feature features: multi-user accounts (coming soon though per the developers), remembering/autocomplete frequent hashtags or users. I noticed in using the app I would receive an @mention notification, yet when tapping on it the new response is not in the top of the list… there’s seems to be several hours delay for it to show up (hopefully this is corrected in an update). When you visit the settings menu, there are plenty of things to tweak like turning on those lightning fast notifications, however, some of them require you to restart the app and do not immediately take effect. To restart the app you can typically long-press your phone’s home button (back space button if you don’t have one) and swipe away the app in the task manager then restart it.

Publisher: Aaplab LLC