Ski Safari – what does animals, avalanches, high speed skiing & stunts make?
Ski Safari – what does animals, avalanches, high speed skiing & stunts make?
     Ski Safari – what does animals, avalanches, high speed skiing & stunts make?

Ski Safari is a blisteringly paced skiing game that has found it’s way to Android after success on iOS. Speed your way down the mountain keeping ahead of the avalanche. Ride penguins and Yeti’s perform flips, collect coins and score points in this smooth and exciting racing game.

Price: $0.99

Tested on: HTC One X
Content Rating: Everyone Android Game Review:

Pros & Cons:


  • Great visuals!
  • Breathtaking gameplay!
  • Lots of tasks to complete!
  • Ridge penguins and Yetis!


  • A little repetitive after a while.


Ski Safari is a cool skiing game that lets you race down the mountainside to avoid the impending avalanche- how long can you last?

It starts with just a rumble… which gets louder and louder before tons of snow hit your cabin really hard, sending you scooting down the slope while still in your bed. You soon wake up and jump into your skis- and then it’s game on! The avalanche is very fast so luckily you are too. The main task is to avoid rocks and you can do that by tapping on the screen to jump over them. As you hurtle down the slope, you can catch either penguins or Yeti’s to hitch a ride! These are perhaps a little faster, and you can win bonus points if you’re able to perform back flips while riding them. You’ll get plenty of opportunities to flip too, and you can perform one by simply holding the screen while you are airborne.

You collect points the longer you last and you can earn more by performing these kind of tricks, as well as collecting coins, hitting clouds and landing safely. It will inevitably go wrong sometimes and you’ll end up a ball of snow. If that happens, tap the screen repeatedly to stand up again and start skiiing. The game is easy to play but needs good timing to pull off a good score. Your scores are accumulated and you can see your best five totals on the scores screen.

Ski Safari is thoroughly enjoyable but it does get a little bit repetitive after a while. A great casual game, but not something you’ll play for hours on end. It’s a game where you have to last for as long as you can, accumulating as high a score as possible. You might compare it to games like Moon Chaser which we reviewed a while ago. The graphics are richer and it’s a far smoother experience, but gameplay is a little familiar. Like Ski Safari, however, the criticism was that it’s a little repetitive.

Publisher: Defiant Development