What is Gooseberry ?

Gooseberry is a native TradeMe application for your Windows Phone 7. It is also the winning application in a Microsoft competition in the TradeMe category.

From Gooseberry you can manage all aspects of TradeMe. From Bidding and buying, to asking and answering questions and adding comments to your listings.

Gooseberry allows access to all your favourite searches, categories and sellers that you might already have on TradeMe. So the transition from your PC to you phone is seamless.

The interface follows the rest of the Metro theme. Try for yourself, and be impressed by the polished and intuitive interface for part of this app.

We will be releasing updates, adding new features and performance enhancements starting with a fortnightly cycle. So you can be rest assured that providing you with new features as TradeMe allows us is one of our top priority.

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Version 1.6
-Fixed several critical bugs. Really sorry for everyone who had to put up with crashes.

Feel free to request features by emailing Enjoy!
Publisher: Gooseberry