What is TuSem ?

This Application enables you to Tag and share your Location with your Friends or anybody else!

Your Location can be tagged as:
• Private: visible only by you (e.g. tag the location where you left your car, etc.)
• Friends: visible by your friends only, so that you can quickly tell them where to go for a party, drink a beer, go to a Concert, etc.
• Public: visible by anybody on this Globe. You can tell anybody where you are, and even publish your location to Facebook so that everybody can see where you are.
While using the application you can keep up with locations of your friends, people you know and all other creatures :)
Listing people by categories allows you to find Friends and other People faster:
• Friends: follow last locations of your Friends
• Friends nearby: Ideal for lazy, thirsty and impatient users. This category shows locations of frineds that are nearby.
• Nearest: Do you need some company? Search for popular locations of all the creatures, that are using TuSem.si near you.
You don't know what to do? Look for popular locations near you on the application.

What are you waiting for? Download your free copy of the application, find yourself some company and have some good time :)
Publisher: SLOWP7APPS